Tuesday, December 08, 2009

An Education and Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto

I saw this a while ago. then shot the video and took forever to put it up. then i put it up and didn't put it on here. and thats the story.

This is the first part of the Samrai triology. It's based on the legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. I don't know anything about that guy so i'm gonna assume this is accurate but i also don't care cause this is a movie.
Really this is a film about growing up and the point that this guy who becomes a samurai. This film reminds me alot of Fellowship of the ring. Jus the way it flows and it's also the begining of an epic quest that at the end there changed people.
It was also somewhat fun but very well made.
I really liked the main character. I guess that's the point. wouldn't work much without him. But i think how angry he is shows that he could defently be someone who would want to be a great warrior. his unfocused way about him. it just really works.
I think if you like the great escape or more american action movies you will like this film your not gonna be over whelmed by the foreigness of this. it's very clear narrative and very universal. I was gonna just watch this one and if it was good I was gonna watch the whole triology well I'm watching the whole thing and i'm really intrested. awesome movie even for samruai virgins.
it won the oscar for best foreign film in 1955 but that was when there was a William Holden narration. I'm assuming to make it do better in america. thanks for being stupid 50's america. people can see movies without americans in it. guess i now know were they got the idea for the original Godzilla. But i don't think anyone puts out that version anymore. most likely cause that's lame. sorry William Holden.

I stumbled upon this today. I can't believe Ed Koch does movie reviews on youtube. this has to be the more bizarre thing is that. most of the reviews that he's done and i've done, I've got more views. not sure how that happened. also this cause i'm so new york. I knew ed koch from the critic and a beastie boys song. if anyone was referenced on both i will most likely no about them.

also i picked the one for an education. get it cause mines above yeah i know crazy


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