Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greasers Palace

This is probably the best acid western second to El Topo. It's really awesome. I mean come on a film about a zoot suit jesus coming to the old west. What for real. Really this is an idea that could run out of steam pretty quickly. But it doesn't it stay just as weird and gets werider.
The real shocking part of the film I think is that the begining is very slow. It kinda creeps up on you. I didn't really see it coming. I was intreged.
Robert Downey (iron man's dad (see there's a reason theres a jr there))is an odd director. you could say that just by looking at the guys filmography but he also makes choices that are odd in the film. I think most film makers would be find with jus the idea. but thats what makes Downey who he is. This isn't that much like Putney Swope but at the same time you know the same guy directed it. This film is Bizarre but in a quite way. Most bizarre art likes to be loud about. It's almost like Downey went manI am out there so why not don't show it off. Some points i really felt like this is the if a great director did an acid western. and maybe i'm right.
But i wasn't in to Putney Swope as much as this film. But i think both are really great.
If you like acid western and just really out there movies which this is. then check out this. it's kinda awesome.


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