Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kevin Hannigan

I knew this guy since 5th grade which was in 1994. I was 11. I always thought he was coo. He was also fun to be around and really nobody i think can go he was awesome but. cause there is no but and even if you wanted to nobody can find one. Like really everybody really loved this guy. I don't know I wasn't as close as a lot of people I've known him for a while but I know there are people who knew him alot better then i did. I kinda don't feel like posting a movie thing right now and tomorrow will be more of a proper post about this. I kinda I don't know. I was just thinking about the little music we talked about in 94/95 since that was the school year. I don't know his music taste well enough to be like these are his favorite songs but this is some stuff i was listening too yesterday and stuff.

First off his a clip of him from his solo show at the talking head. quality at the begining a little choppy but it gets better. it's a radiohead song.


sorry for the lame photos maybe open another window and do that while this is playing.

Fantasia and smashign pumpkins Siamese Dream synched up only part 1. i seriously just found this one man awesome


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