Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ninja Assassin and This is it

fuck yeah ninja assassin. I was waiting to do this video for a while. just cause I saw the title. that really started this whole thing. Then i heard it was a Wachowski brothers back movie. I really like speed racer so i was hyped. anyway it was alot of fun making it.
Micah Welner helped me make this one. He also worked on King Ralph Burger King Adventure and moment by moment. I feel like we make good videos together.
I would lvoe to do more of them like this. It's hard to do it too much. but as much as i can i do.

I know a little late. who cares.
I was really skeptical about seeing this. i was gonna do a video for it but then i decided against it. But it's really kinda good. One of the smarter things about this film is you're not hearing michael jacksons newer stuff. they really play mostly hits and which basically means killer songs until like the last bit. Which was good cause the movie flows really well early on. so you arn't as doubtful. however fucking earth song ewwww. i hate that song. like the earth is coo and all that stuff. but that song sucks. I'm sure he did alot more newer stuff but they probably cut it. that's defently a good thing.
something that is intresting about this film. is that your watching a big concert tour (well it was gonna be a run of shows but like it was 50 shows so lets just say like a tour.) come together with rehersals and all the stuff they gotta do before. they show several different version of dance sequences inter cut with songs. it looks like they worked hard. which ( and like most other critics would also say) is probably better then the actual concert itself would have been. When I was watching it I felt like that alot. But that makes the film better.
I never liked the director who is mostly known for his high school the musical movies. but I think this shows alot of growth as a director. I really hated his direction on high school the musical. I thought it was lazy. this is really well pieced together. maybe thats the editors but i'm gonna pretend he had something to do with it.
If your even a casual michael jackson fan. this is a good movie to see. I think most people will probably catch it whenever it gets on tv. but it's seriously worth a watch and you'll have a good time. I don't entertaining and pretty good. also nice looking footage. since it's all in hd and stuff.


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