Wednesday, December 02, 2009

psychomania and videos

This is an awesome british biker film from the 70's. but wait thats not all there is.
The plot is about this bike gang finding out how to come back from the dead and be invinivable. yeah crazy right.
It's a really fun movie and i think pretty well made as well. There wasn't a moment where i was like ok maybe this is too far. I can see maybe thinking that but really it doesn't at all.
The helmets with the skulls are awesome and the fact the bike gang is called the living dead all ready. i mean come on that's like an open inventation to be an undead biker.
There's alot of mystery to this film. your not really sure how somethings happen but instead of hindering the film. it actually helps it and makes it kind of more freaky.
I have never seen a british biker movie before but this one was alot of fun and not just the undead shit. like the whole movie is fun. even the bike parts but i think motorcycles are cooler in the movies cause in real life i could care less.
If you like fun movies you should be down for this one.

sorry for the slacking on this blog. the real reason is the i work on my videos and then it's 11 and i'm like oo shit maybe it's too late to do this blog thing. so i need to get on this shit. cause i do still like doing it.

anyway i just wanted to put up some videos

i know it's late cause black friday was last but it's still a coo song. i didn't pick this for the images. more so the song. you can just play in and open a new tab or window and look at something else while you rock out.

I know I'm supposed to hate this song and like rhianna's more right. well her song blows. i could give a fuck less what your music is actually about. what i do care about is if your songs good. and this song is fun and well dumb as shit but hey whateva. also i don't actually really like chris brown beating chicks. but hey i bet you still listen to ike turner and he beat tina alot worse.


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