Monday, November 30, 2009

Fantastic mr. fox video and Four x-mas's

This went up on wednesday but i didn't get to put it up here yet. check it out.

This is a horriable movie. and to think I liked this directors other film king of kong so much. You'd think he could be the one documentarian to make a good star vechile comedy. I guess i was asking too much. I don't know how low your expectations would have to be to like this movie. because it'd be really hard to believe anyone would really like it.
Resse Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have no charisma. I actually think Witherspoon fucked up more. Vince Vaughn was doing his normal thing. The rest of the cast is like all over the place. I'm assuming they wanted to cast older actors to make the movie better. If you heard the names you'd think that but they don't. I don't think this director knew what to do with any of the actors.
The jokes are lame and pretty much whats left over from that gross out comedy thing like a decade ago. This didn't feel like anyone cared. Just frankly this movie sucks. and i have liked Vince Vauhgn movies. hell I'd much rather see sweet home alabama then this movie. I would say see the break up if you wanna see a good comedy with Vince Vaughn and a co star with chemistry. Cause this movie sucks. fuck this movie. this is as bad as tv movie abc family straight to video bull shit. When people ask me why i watch newer films. they talking about this movie. like ewwwwwww. oo man i just.

just what the fuck man. it wasn't just that it was major studio bullshit. it wasn't even good major studio bullshit. i mean sure if it was good at it. probably would have worked. but it was in the worst possiable way. I'm assuming that since the movie is kinda short. they knew this was a bad movie. and cut it down as much as possiable. which really is a blessing. this isn't touch of evil. warners thank you and loose that footage like really fast. no one will mind this time. really it's coo.

don't see this. even if you like bad movies. just don't there's such better stuff. even movies i make fun of are better then this movie. fuck this movie. do yourself a favor and avoid it at all costs.


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