Monday, December 14, 2009

The lovely bones and the wicker man

so i saw lovely bones this weekend. it doesn't open wide until i think january 15 or some time mid january.

wooo this movie is really creepy and makes u totally scared of pagens but it's really good too.
Basically the plot is this cop has been told a girl is missing from this werid island so he goes there looking for her but can't find her. also no is very helpful and there all into creepy sex stuff.
The cool part about this movie is not only the aproach. it's just how wrapped up you get in this film and it goes along pretty quickly or at least feels that way.
It's like a mystery movie but mixed with a horror element. i guess most horror has mystery in it but this is mostly mystery.
The pagens are always odd not exactly shown properly. you never understand them at all. there actions look completely random. that's a real strong part of this film. if he drove up to the island and all the pagens were doing freaky sex stuff. that really wouldn't have been as interesting.
This is also a good movie and i think even if your really not that into horror. you'd dig this movie. cause it's both really good and it's fun to follow. It does feel really raw sometimes but then you realise that wasn't that raw cause it gets worse.
Yeah this is not just a cult horror film it's alot better i think then just a silly cult film it's actually really good.


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