Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Futurama av heads and Transformers 2

Jisuk Cho. who is a student worker with my department at sva. drew these for the whole full time staff at Audio Visual. it says everyones names so yeah. i think mine looks alot like me. makes me wanna watch futurama. man that was a great show.

This moive is pretty bad. but what did i expect I hated the first one. I love the animated transformers movie and the series. But this ick.
My biggest complaint with the last one is it had very little if anything to do with the source material and too many fucking humans. why do people always do that. Make the movie shorter. nobody wants to see humans that's not what they see transformers movie for. This certainly had more robots and more battles and maybe if it wasn't 2 hours and 30 minutes it would be fun. But because they had to do alot of bullshit this movie is way too long.
I don't understand why they bother to make this movie have any character development. what's the point it doesn't go anywhere anyway. it's like none of them have the balls to just have nonsensical explosions and call it a day. if this was 90 min. i would probably tell you how awesome it was.
Then there were the parent characters. which i'm not sure why they were in this movie since they didn't serve any purpose other then annoy me.
Then the racist robots. oo yeah they have like minstrol show robots. awful and one of the robots has testicles.
But the biggest problem is the movie is dull by the end i could have cared less. sure maybe this one was more like the source material in some ways. but it sucked. I don't like this movie series. I get that they make money but why neither was very good. in fact they both sucked. probably just the same amount of suck in each. I like GI Joe way better then these movies. cause at least it was kinda fun this is just bullshit. it sucks so bad. don't see this. somebody needs to make a good transformers movie but i don't think that's gonna happen. so really if u have to see one of these just see gi joe don't see this trash.

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