Monday, January 11, 2010

the buisness of Avatar

So Avatar has been kicking alot of ass and in 20 days became the second highest grossing movie of all time. pretty impressive. What's more impressive is how little it has fallen off in the four weeks it's been out. most films with big opens fall pretty hard the second week. not always cause they may be bad films more cause it's hard to keep getting more and more people to see after almost everyone who wanted to see it see's it the first weekend. The Dark Knight fell -52.5%, Transfomers 2 fell -61.2%, and Twilight New moon fell -70.0%.
Avatar's opening weekend all though really really good. didn't beat those guys but it has stated pretty consistant. 77 mil the first weekend and then 75 mil the second. Granted christmas was on a friday for the second weekend which defently helped but the third weekend only had a -9.4% with 68 mil not bad. also considering that last years number one hold over from christmas Marley and me fell -33.3% over the same timeframe last year.
This is what is so big about it. it's done almost exactly what happend with Titanic. I actually remember reading that the only way Titanic could be considering a success is if the movie made over a billion dollars. and no movie has ever done that so it's probably impossible. Nobody was sure about Avatar. of course this time nobody said that as openly cause it's still cameron.
But it's not doing Titanic numbers exactly. Avatar has made a shit load of money but it's doesn't have what titanic had. including a big awards boost and a 17 week stint at number one. also titanic second weekend was actually up +23.8% and that was a christmas weekend.
I really don't like to throw out the will it beat Titanic thing alot. mostly cause it's pretty hard to do. Only 5 movies ever have made over a billion dollars worldwide. of the 5 2 of them havn't crossed 1.1 ( The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) and one has made 1.1 (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King). Avatar has made 1.3 but it's still not Titanic which still has 1.8. yeah at the time it was the only movie to make a billion and it almost did 2. fucking crazy.

Another thing is the foreign box office. which has actually liked Avatar more then we do. Since it's made 902 million over there and 429 million here. Most movies usually do make more overseas. except the Dark knight which made 46.8% foreign where as every other film on the worldwide all time box office chart are in the 60%. Alot of people like to discredit movies that do this. however it really just shows how strong this film is playing in the rest of the world. which is really fucking good.

Not sure what's gonna happen with this but it should be intresting given it's track record. We'll see if Avatar can hold on to the number one spot. everyone think Denzel can knock it off. Maybe but probably not. I think Avatar is gonna be around for a little bit.


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