Friday, December 18, 2009


I never thought anything could get me as excited as avatar. HOLY FUCKIN SHIT. THIS TRAILER IS FUCKIN AWESOME. I really loved the first Iron Man movie. not just as a comic movie or an action movie but it is a really well made fucking movie. Robert Downey jr. may have the best performance as a superhero ever. and i'm not over hyping i'm serious. I didn't even give a shit about Iron man before but now man. ooooo man. seriously awesome movie. I really really reeally can't wait.

Iron man was the last movie I saw at the Senator Theater. man what a great note to go out on.

my favorite review about this trailer

also AVATAR BITCHESSSS. bought my tickers a month ago. if you see anything other then this while it is in IMAX 3D you are dumb ass. seriously just live some half life were you see some movie that isn't avatar. that's dumb see it.


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