Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FX building and Golden Globes

I shot this a while ago. Just never got it finished til now.

So the golden globes were sunday nite. Avatar certainly suprised me. I really thought Up in the air would be the drama categorey. I also thought it would get best actor. I was totally wrong. Best Director is gonna go to Cameron at the Oscars too and that I've always thought. This defently makes things a little more intresting. What seemed like a slam dunk for Up in the air. isn't as simple.
Also Up became the first animated film to win a golden globe outside of the best animated feature categorey when it won best original score. I've wanted Michael Giacchino to win some major award since he started doing film scores with the incredibles. He's had a very good year not only scoring up but he also scored star trek. I hope that he wins an oscar. he's really a great composer.
I was suprised by the hangover. which i think should change it's middle name to over rated. certainly it was good but it's not that good.
Other stuff was kinda given and is gonna be a precruser to the oscars. both Mo'Nique and Christoph Waltz will probably win at the oscars as well. they both did such amazing jobs. also i think it's hard to go up against either of them.
Then the best comedy actor and drama actress for Robert Downey jr. and Sandra Bullock were typical globe winners. there stars they make it worth for the mainstream audience to watch the show. most likely neither will get an oscar nomination. Bullock might but she won't win.
Merly Streep and Jeff Bridges have real shots at the oscar but lets see what happens between now and then cause i kinda think it could go another way.
really the globes only slightly matter to the oscar stuff. there mostly just fun and they were pretty fun this time. well actually it kinda sucks but it sucked a little less then last year. i guess


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