Thursday, April 01, 2010

alot of videos

The most recent video is at the top. the others are below. here's the deal. I still write movie reviews on my other blog Jim FORCE. So I'm gonna put any written stuff on here as well. meaning this will not have all my photos that the tumblr has but just the reviews. so if you want to just read the reviews and not see the pictures that are on the tumblr come here. I'll still have movie poster thought.
so basically i have restarted this blog. the only other problem is pickin what gets video and what doesn't. which is why there have been less written reviews. basically i gotta figure this out. but expect a review on monday. til then this will be up.

I'm trying to change up the video reviews and make them more frequent. like 2 a week. starting next week. and make them more fun and different. you'll see.

also and yeah i guess i have to say this. nockFORCE in my opinion is over. there has been no talk of any new developments and i personally moved on in like october. I don't think it's worth it at this point to start it up again.


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