Sunday, July 23, 2006

KOOL AID POST: Your weekly rant

Jim here every week I have my friend Kool-aid write a post this is this weeks:

Your weekly rant

By KooL-AiD

Mo Rocca, NOT FUNNY he never was funny, he most likely will never be funny. Fuck a bunch of Mo Rocca.

Bmx, bikes, if your gona ride them as normal bikes, expect to fall on those sharp turns.

Hipsters, these are the same kids who were popular in high school, their the cool kids who decided to be underground. Fuck em’ your hair is dumber than mine, and I have only half a beard.

The work place, give me a damn job you sons of bitches!

Pseudo intellectuals, your not really that smart, just cause you read Satra doesn’t mean you understand it. I can read relativity, doesn’t mean I understand it.

Shitty emo bands that sucked 3 years ago and still suck now, I’m looking at you fall out boy, you sucked then and still suck now!

People that won’t give Jim a job, you douche’s wouldn’t know talent if it sodomized you with a Buick (with out lube).

Heart conditions, what the fuck this is completely dumb. (if you know me ya know what I mean)

Doctors who are imprecise on the phone, fuck your liable, tell me what the fuck is going on!!!!

People I left out, I’ll get around to writing about you sooner or later.


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