Tuesday, July 25, 2006


If you think I'm lame or whatever for reviewing this I don't care. I don't like Nsync or anything but I do like this solo stuff. I liked his last album alot and think his whole Micheal Jackson like sound is really working for him.
I just heard it. Honestly at first I was confused. it has him singing through a distorian mic with an odd Timbaland beat. I have to say I like it. I think over time I'll like it more. I do like it alot and alot more then the first single of his last album. I know alot of artists espically big ones like Justin put out the single they think will be the big hit second. So I'm more looking forward to that.
The song it self is strange and popie. something that Timbaland should be proud of. It's hard for a producer to do what Timbaland did with this song. Combine a pop song and a different sound. Also even though he signs the chrous you wouldn't know he did the song it doesn't sound like Timbaland.
Justin does the vocal well and really carries the song. He's good at it and it's been a while sicne we've had a good mainstream pop album. He I think can deliver that. A good pop album is a really important thing cause we have to live with it for like a year and if it works then it's alot nicer.
If you like Justin at first you make not like this song but it will grow on you


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