Friday, August 18, 2006


The big film this weekend is actually believe it or not Snakes on a Plane. Which may hit number one depending on how well Step up and Talladega nights do. But I think Snakes on a Plane will make close to 30 million and I think might make 40 if it's lucky enough. It's in the second largest amount of theaters it could come and suprise everyone.
But the big thing with this film is will internet marketing work. If it does well except to see alot more films marketed this way but if not maybe they won't.

Accepeted is the only really competition to Snakes on a plane. But I think more people wanna see snakes Accepted will end at like 15 I think but will perform well after this.

Material Girls doesn't have many theaters and Hillary duff doesn't have a really good box office track record anymore. But they have put out alot of ads and really been pushing this film in fact this might have the most tv ads I think it could end up with 8.

The Illusionist won't do very good at all cause who wants to see that.

Little Miss Sunshine will do even better then before except it too do really really well.


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