Saturday, August 19, 2006

SNAKES ON A PLANE NUMBER 1 shock of all shocks

with snakes on a plane number 1 with 6 million it will most likely end up in the 20 million range. This is very good and basically shows that internet marketing works. In fact marketing wise this film is as important as the original jaws. Which was the first film to use tv ads. Depending on how well the film does.
But really can a major blockbuster really use the internet to it's advantage in marketing the way snakes does. Well no but the internet is a big place and films can find there own areas to market in. Like John Tucker did on myspace and x-men and superman.
They can't make the same bloggers go crazy for kinda things though and I think odder movies can. Certainly Black Snake Moan is allready doing that. Fuck I did it and everyone who saw snakes is talking about the trailer. I think the big winner isn't all films if snakes does well but odd ones cause they can find an audience faster and cheaper on the internet and also with more intrest then big movies. So really this is a victory for them


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