Friday, September 01, 2006


sorry for the lack of stuff moving sucks.

in fact alot i will tell you more later when things are less crazy

anyway here's Kool Aid

Rant number 7 a two parter, woo!!!

I work at a mini golf course now. Things over heard at the mini golf course:

Boy: wow dad those guys are really good!

Dad: that’s cause their Asian, they are a sneaky people.

Woman after seeing my checkerboard mo hawk: see if you have hair like that you can only get a job like this. (little does she know that I’m a manager, and that she’s a complete bitch.

Fat kid: I want a snow ball now and when we’re done, DOUBLE MARSHMALLOW!!!

Part two, the pro’s and cons of loosing weight.


I can see my penis again.

I feel great.

I don’t get winded.

People telling you that you look good and feeding the vain portions of the brain.


Now that I can see my penis I relies how small it really is.

I just know winter is gona be a bit colder than usual.

The amount of people telling me I look good show’s how big I was.

KooL-AiD for governor
Check Mail Compose


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