Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Jay-z annouced he will tour to spread word about the worlds water crisis. Apprently he originally was just going to perform but decided to spread the word about this.
I think the whole rich people spreading awarness thing is lame. Cause why not give the money from that tour to like I don't know the places that have a water crisis. That's such a dumb thing. but hey if you wanna see jigga man live and are overseas here's the dates

Sept. 9: Krakow, Poland (Coca-Cola SW Live Festival)
Sept. 10: Bratislava, Slovakia (Incheba)
Sept. 15: Amsterdam (Heineken Music Hall)
Sept. 16: Germany (TBA)
Sept. 18: Istanbul (Refresh the Venue)
Sept. 19: Athens (Olympic Arena)
Sept. 21: Manchester, England (Evening News Arena)
Sept. 22: Glasgow (SECC)
Sept. 23: Birmingham, England (National Indoor Arena)
Sept. 24: London (Wembley Arena)
Sept. 26: Dublin (the Point)
Sept. 27: London (Royal Albert Hall)
Sept. 29: Paris (Le Zenith)
Sept. 30: Milan (Fiera di Milano)
Oct. 2: Barcelona (Teatro Heineken)
Oct. 4: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Diamond Jubilee)
Oct. 6: Accra, Ghana (Accra Conference Center)
Oct. 7: Lagos, Nigeria (Ocean View)
Oct. 9: Luanda, Angola (Cine Karl Max)
Oct. 11: Cape Town, South Africa (Belleville Velodrome)
Oct. 13: Durban, South Africa (ABSA Stadium Outer Fields)
Oct. 14: Johannesburg (Coca Cola Dome)
Oct. 17: Hong Kong (TBA)
Oct. 18: Bangkok, Thailand (BEC Tero Hall)
Oct. 20: Seoul, Korea (Walker Hill Gayagum Concert Hall)
Oct. 21: Taipei, Taiwan (Taipei Dome)
Oct. 23: Singapore, Singapore (Suntec City Concert Hall)
Oct. 25: Sydney (Entertainment Centre)
Oct. 27: Brisbane, Australia (Entertainment Centre)
Oct. 28: Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I checked out your blog, as you requested on Craigslist. To be honest, in order to enhance the readability of your thoughts, I suggest you pay more attention to spelling and grammar. You aren't even capitalizing things properly -maybe you're in a rush, which I can understand. Still, for most people, glaring errors like that will make it hard to read, or appreciate, what you're trying to say.

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