Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend Box office estimates

Box office mojo says these are the numbers

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby $14.1M $115M
2. Snakes on a plane $13.8M $15.25M
3. World Trade Center $10.8M $45M
4. Accepted $10.1M $10.1M
5. Step Up $9.87M $39.4M
6. Barnyard $7.49M $46M
7. Little Miss Sunshine $5.67M $12.8M
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $5.01M $401M
9. Material Girls $4.62M $4.62M
10. Pulse $3.53M $14.7M

So I guess you like that didn't exactly make 20 million or even the 40 i suggested which i guess was a little silly ok alot silly.But anyway Snakes was not number one which was actually really shocking. If you count the thursday 10 pm shows it would be number one and in fact imdb has it that way.
I guess the internet campaign did well but will not bring virual marketing to more big budget films. Which is sad I was kinda hoping for it but it did make a shitload more cause of it then it would have. Most likely it would have entered at like9.
Also if they did urban marketing the film could have made at least 3 million or more. But relyed to much on the internet that mainly brought out a white male audience.
Also the actuals on monday may turn out differently. which can happen sometimes but rarely does now.

Ricky Bobby was number one for the 3rd week bringing it's total to 115 million. I'm still suprised people are seeing this but there is really nothing out right now and also nascar is really big in most of the country. Also I thought Will Ferrell's career was kinda lagging but I guess the right movie can turn you around.

World Trade Center conitues to do well in it's second week with 10 mil but did still go down -42.3% compared to last weekends 18 mil but really it is doing really well. And I think better then expected. Older audiences tend to go see movies in the first couple of weeks rather then the first week like other demos. This film will end up doing well for that and lack of competition

Accepted did ok i guess whateva

Step Up was last weekend's big story about how awesome the marketing and it had good word of mouth. Well the word of mouth apprently wasn't that good cause it went down -52.2%. This doesn't look good for the teen film but I'm assuming most of it's audience went it's first week and it will continues to fall pretty quick for the rest of it's run.

Material Girl did 4 mill. Ouch Hillary Duff isn't the star I think that everyone thought she was . I think Disney is feeling good about this one. Most likely she needs to do a non Hillary Duff kinda movie to keep her audience.

Little Miss Sunshine went in to 600 more theaters and went up +118.0% and made $5.67M to a total of 12.7M. The film is doing really well and will open in more theaters soon. I'm still happy how well this film is doing.

Werid box office news Nacho Libre went up +408.8% and made was in +281 more theaters. I'm assuming this has to do with Jack Black getting to host the mtv awards. I guess that's why I don't know the sudden intrest. this is really werid but whateva.


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