Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thank god Ocean 14 not happening

I'm really glad because the Ocean's 11 isn't really that good you know. I like Sodenberg but I think these films are kinda average I'd much rather watch one of his artisie films or personal films but anyway here's what Sodenberg said at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

"Ocean's 13 will be the last one. Especially George wanted "to go out strong", and Ocean's 12 was too complicated. Ocean's 13 is a comedy, and this time Al Pacino is a great bad guy in fact "this guy's a monster!" said Steven Soderbergh yesterday to a maybe 1000-1200 people strong crowd in his interview with Shane Danielsen, The Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival.

I do kinda like that he has hits to be able to make the small films but they still arn't good and the most corpetate because the first film is a remake of the orignal with frank sinatra which is in turn a remake of a really amazing Itlian Film Rifki. So Oceans 13 is literaly the sequal of the seual of a remake of a remake. Wow that's bu$$i$ne$$.

Bet you didn't know that


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