Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trey Parker and Matt Stone making two new live action movies

Trey Parker and Matt Stone who created south park and orgasmo and cannibal the musical. Have signed a deal with Paramount pictures to makes two live action films.

the first called My All-American is a high school comedy and is written by Jeff Roda.

After that they plan to follow it up with Giant Monsters Attack Japan! which will be live action and yes man in suit or rubber suit kinda stuff. It's written by J.F. Lawton who wrote under seige and will be co produced by nickelodeon. Which makes me wary but maybe it will turn out really good. It sounds fun as all hell

Each film will have Parker direct and Stone produce. And they will do this in 2007 during a hitaus from south park.

I do like this but I'm worried cause the first one isn't written by them. Can they make something like that funny but it's probably a good challenge. Then nickelodeon is involved with the other one so I'm assuming it won't be rated R. I hope there both really good.
I do know south park ends soon so maybe this is a way to have something when they end that show.


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