Monday, August 21, 2006


first I want to say that Doug Jones is not rapper Mike Jones's brother.he's some white guy.

but according to Aint it cool news he confirmed it while appearing at comic store when a fan asked him. here's what the fan wrote to aint it cool

I had the great pleasure of meeting Doug Jones today at our local comic book store here in Bowling Green, KY. Doug was there promoting a movie he is shooting here called “Knock, Knock”. Let me say that Mr. Jones has to be one of the absolute nicest human beings I have ever met. He was very courteous and seemed to go out of the way to speak with you. I asked Doug if it was true that he would be playing the Silver Surfer. He told me that the contracts were being signed at this moment and that he was going to begin shooting in Canada here in the next couple of weeks. Hope this is useful.

sounds like a rumor but we are close he's a good choice I guess. I'm sad to have the silver surfer to be in such a shit movie but hey at least he comes to the big screen.

wow remember when that's what comic fans used to have to do man that takes me back.


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