Sunday, September 03, 2006

Once again sorry for the lack of anything

Thursday I moved it has to have been the worst moving experience of my life and your like man moving is stressfull no this is different. Like seriously. I will tell you the top worst moves that this beat.

I had to move all the film equitment in to my moms car by myself from my dp's apartment. Unforently it was raining and I was really sick. Also his apartment was on the 8th floor and the elevator slowed me down alot.

I helped my grandparnets move unforently it took A year and a half. You think yeah it felt like a year in a half but no it was actually a fucking year and a half. At one point they told me how much longer we had to go and I had a mental breakdown.

I was paid to help my friend move him. It was good pay and he was nice but it was a five story walk up and I had to carry everything. One lady in the apartment kept saying i wasn't used to the stares. My friend got mad when I told him and was like you walked up there 400 times a day what is she talking about.

Lastly and this one really really seriously does win. My room mate and I didn't have time to pack til the nite before so we got no sleep. Then wehn he went to go to the new place to wait for the movers and his key didn't work. So the movers put our stuff out on the street and the landlord didn't pick up his phone. When I got there my key did work cause i guess the place I made copies from fucked up. then the room that my stuff was supposed to go in was locked. I called a locksmith and he opened it and charged me 160. There was crap in my room including a coach. then when we went to the old place to clean it up. But the new people moving in showed up and complained we hadn't cleaned it before moving out. Even though they weren't supposed to move in til the next day and we hadn't turned in our keys.
There's more but i left it out but yeah that wins


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