Friday, March 23, 2007

Is mask of the phantasm the best batman movie

I watched Mask of the phantasm yesteday and was really shocked how good and well made the movie was. I remember the animated series , which the movie is apart of and made by the same people, and that was always great. but the structure is really good. It moves like a batman comic. It's just very you know batman.
The best part about the animated series and this film is the art deco flesicher studio style they choose to go with. The obviously barrow from the flesicher superman shorts which was a good decision. It makes the series look kind of like the past but not really. it also lets them take from film noir and technicolor techniques of film from that period and espically in this film. Some of the backgrounds are just beautiful and show how they really mastered and knew this era.
I guess if your reading this your like so is it the best one. well batman with micheal keaton is a good big budget 80's movie. the sequal are excessive and not that good and batman begins was ok. i didn't like it as much as everyone else
but batman begins is batman. you could make it into a comic and it would be pretty good. oh also this is what critics thought

from wikipedia.

"The movie was extremely well received by fans of Batman: The Animated Series, and earned a positive review from almost every critic. For instance, film critics Siskel & Ebert, while regretting that they originally ignored the film in its initial release, gave the film a two-thumbs up, the only Batman film to be given such praise until Batman Begins. Rotten Tomatoes lists it as having 13 positive reviews out of 13 posted, thus earning a 100% rating."

so yeah anyway check it out. it's in alot of 10 dollar bins but it's worth it.


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