Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the whitest kids you know

These guys have a show premering on fuse tonight and normally i wouldn't care but this comedy troop got there start at the same school i graduated from school of visual arts. they used to have free shows and fill the ampitheater in my freshman year but by my sophmore year they were all but gone. apprently they were still around all this time and have kept it up for a show that comes on tonight at 11pm on fuse.
I think when this group is funny it's hillarious but when it's not sometimes it's bad however you can judge for yourself here's one of there better sketches. If you like it check them out tonight at 11pm on the fuse network or wednesday at 10pm. according to the fuse website tv schdule


Blogger Jordan said...

Have you seen the enormous billboard over Lafayette St.?

I remember this sketch as being the best one they have.

12:28 PM


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