Friday, March 16, 2007

why my so called life really ended

It's not the reason you're thinking. unless you've heard this story.
Abc wasn't sure wheater to bring it back but figuring at the time there was nothing like on tv in 1995. they were seriously considering bringing it back. The show got great reviews and awards so naturally the network wanted to keep it around to make themselves look good. So things were looking up.
However Claire Danes did not want to come back for a second season. She felt the schdule was to aurdious and yeah and she wanted to work on films. i'm sure the first part was the real reason. because of this abc rather then get in a public disbute with a 16 year old girl they were like whatever and cancelled the show.
Claire Danes even apprently talked about it in an issue of entertainment weekly in 2004.

I think my so called life was the right show at the wrong time. if that show had been on the wb or maybe any network just 4 years later it would have been easier to promote and probably done alot better and lasted longer. but the show most likely would be different and probably not as good cause the show exists in it's own time period. just 4 years later pop culture wise is like almost 10 years. so most likely the characters would have be different it would just not be the same.
It's barely on dvd if you can find the box set which is out of print and


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