Thursday, March 15, 2007

raiding a lost ark

last nite i finally watch the raiders of the lost ark widescreen dvd i got for chirstmas. I was really insistant that i only wanted raiders and not the complete set and only in widescreen. Raiders needs to be in widescreen in fact i would say that it probably looks alot like poop any other way.
The directing is perfect and i understand why people say that speilberg is so great with this. Raiders was made during the beginging of his career and most defently his best period not counting 1941 of course and then i guess ending with the color purple. actually maybe it was temple of doom. yeah lets just say temple of doom.
You can almost put this next to John Williams Star wars scores when listening to it. but it works so well.
the cinemotgraphy is wounderful and it's done by Douglas Slocombe. who did all the indiana jones films. except the new one which has me worried. He has a perfect deep focus. it intresting to see how much of an influence this film has on the incredibles. which oddly enough is right next to this film in my dvd collection. both filsm are amazingly visual. showing us things perhaps without sound depending on it. you can see the effect this had on peter jackson and countless others.
The big thing is you can imagine this as a comic book. the frame is composed like a tales from the crypt comic. which i guess was the period they were going for in this. also like the incredibles is how it borrows from other sources very well. without taking to much from one.
I also forgot how fast moving and crazy this film is and including the crazy action sequences which is both ridcioulous and alot of fun for me to watch.
If you havn't seen raiders in a while. check it out but only in widescreen.

shit i might even watch it again


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