Sunday, March 11, 2007

two links

I've been wanting to link both of these for a while so I figured I'd do it all in one post.

the first is better known and I'm sure someone of you all ready go to but to those who don't this will be coo. you know the comic strip marmaduke. well this guy basically explains marmaduke. i can't really explain it fully without like telling a joke he tells and that's not my job. but he updates daily with every day's marmaduke. so yeah it's funny CHECK IT OUT

then and this one i'm positive no one has heard of. if you've heard of the big flop that was santa clause the movie. well this guy made a web site about your first like why. and then why do i know about it. well when I worked at my old job. this customer told me about this site which he in facts runs. The only reason he brought it up is because the same produers made superman and supergirl and he thinks there genius. even though supergirl sucked but he told me it was wounderful. anyway it's a believe or not a tripod site to boot. yeah remember those i even had one of those.



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