Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Do you want something wild bitch

I had the privledge of seeing the film something wild. no not the comedy of the same name with melanie griffth. this was made in 1961 in new york and has a great low budget early 60's new york feel. Unforently this is less of a recomendation and more of me kinda telling you about a movie. because it's not on dvd and was never on vhs the only way to get a copy is to tape it off tv. all though the popularity of the film has gone up recently with a show at the ifc center here in new york. I'm hoping for one.
Anyway I want to describe the film and since I barely ever give plot summaries I will with this film because you'll get it more. Also most likely if it does get put on dvd it will be a while. so you won't remember this anyway. ok so from wikipedia here is the plot summary "

Mary Ann Robinson is a teenage girl attending college in New York City. On her way home, while walking through the park, she is brutally raped. Traumatized by the experience, Mary Ann washes away all the evidence and destroys her clothing. She hides the rape from her mother and stepfather, with whom she has a distant relationship.

Mary Ann tries to continue living her normal life, unsuccessfully. She takes the subway to school and faints during the crush of people. That results in the police taking her home, which upsets her prim and unsympathetic mother, played by Mildred Dunnock.

The rape continues to haunt Mary Ann. She leaves school abruptly and walks downtown, through Harlem and Times Square, down to the Lower East Side. She rents a room from a sinister landlord (Martin Kosleck), who overcharges her. She takes a job at a five-and-dime store and her coworkers dislike her because she is distant and unfriendly. Her crude, promiscuous neighbor at the rooming house (Jean Stapleton) is rebuffed when she tries to be friendly.

At the end of her tether, Mary Ann walks across the Manhattan Bridge and almost jumps in the East River when she is stopped by a sympathetic mechanic, Mike (Ralph Meeker). At first he seems to be a knight in shining armor. She decides to stay with him. But that night he comes home drunk, tries to attack her, and Mary Ann kicks him in the eye. The following morning he has no recollection of that, but his eye his badly hurt and has to be removed.

Mike now says that he wants Mary Ann to stay there, saying "I like the way you look here." She wants to leave but he refuses to let her go. He holds her captive in the apartment for months, even though she refuses to have anything to do with him.

One day Mike leaves the door unlocked. Mary Ann leaves, walks through the city, sleeps in Central Park, and now she sees how wonderful life is. She goes back to the apartment and decides to stay with Mike, voluntarily. She marries Mike and rebuffs her mother's attempt to get her to return home."

As you can see it's a pretty crazy movie for 1961. When I saw everyone else was really mad at the film just that the character does that. The movie really sucks you in. It was a crazy experence and a wounderful film and if it's ever on tv tape it do whatever you can cause it is so rare unfroently.

also fun fact the lead actress and director were married when tey made the film


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