Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Senator is saved but seriously don't do that to me again

well for the what feels like millionth times the senator has been saved from being sold. I do really really love the senator and am very glad that it will continue. But honestly i feel this shouldn't happen anymore. For Example the big thing that most people complain about is no manitnee prices which i think would be really good. but the most important thing right now is that. The Senator mainly gets families and old people. Young people don't go to the senator in droves the way old people do. and i understand why they played music and lyrics this weekend. If they played Ghost Rider they place would have been fucking packed. I don't like Ghost Rider in fact I have little intrest in that film. But i know if I was going to see it the best place would be the senator. Because that theater can show a big blockbuster better then any theater seeing lord of the rings and harry potter there is amazing the sound system and that huge screen it just works. Young people want that. Old people all ready like the senator but when they die who's gonna come to your theater.
I think if you get grindhouse it would be awesome and beautiful and there is no reason why they shouldn't.
anyway i do love the senator and am very very happy it's still here I just want a senator that is doing a great job.


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