Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammies you always find a way to suck

I didn't actually watch them but i did see the winners this morning and wow you guys really tryed this year to suck like you really put forth alot of effort into this. I mean true there were some good winners but when you have like 97 categories there's no way some big act can't get a few.
If your woundering what was so bad best rap album alone. they were all good albums in fact I would say lupe and the roots were great. T.I. and Pharrell but then i guess ludacris made alot of sense. man and the dixie chicks i don't know i heard that album and geez. I shouldn't be suprised but i kinda wanted the red hot chili peppers to win best album and maybe gnarles barkely win best song but i guess not.
I did see a little bit of the show between commercial breaks from other things i was watching and everytime there was a performance. I think the biggest problem with the grammy's other then the fact the awards are lame. there are way to many performances. And everyone has like a million people in them. It's like here's ludacris with mary j. blidge and earth wind and fire. also the bee gee's, los lobos, and bill idol's there two. then a suprise apperence by george clinton during the performance just to suprise you. it's like total over kill. The grammy's just bottom line suck. i don't think no matter who they get to perform that it will be good. unless they got the police to reunite that would fucking crazy man i would watch that


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