Monday, February 05, 2007


Since I don't really know anything about football or the rules of foot ball or well know how it's played. I don't really watch the super bowl. I mean i would if like i actually got to see a bear and a colt kill each other. that would be fucking awesome. I mean teh bear would win and maybe rip the colts head off and shit. It would be fucking awesome. I think people would watch that shit.

anyway until that dream happens I still have the puppy bowl. Which is now in it's third year. i've actually seen all three. The puppy bowl is not just smart counter programing it actually gets good ratings. according to wikipedia. "Puppy Bowl II Averaged 690,000 viewers for its broadcast (a 23 percent increase over Puppy Bowl I), equivalent to MSNBC's rating for the State of the Union address. 5 million people in total watched Puppy Bowl II throughout its three airings." It airs 3 times adding up to 12 hours of puppy bowl. also wikipedia says this as well "Shown opposite the Super Bowl, it has the highest ratings of any show shown at that time on cable besides the Super Bowl" that's hillarious. oh yeah and it's filmed in silverspring, maryland.
the puppy bowl seems to get better every year in my opinion. Certainly for the puppy's. the first two years were cute but this year you can watch puppy's get knocked down but other puppies. And even taken out for un nessary ruffness. there were some somoian dogs that looked coo too.
The kittie halftime show is always an event with scratching posts and stremers and stuff. then at the end confetti shoots out and the kittie's get scared and hide.

well that's it. also it makes a great drinking game if you drink everytime a puppy does something cute.


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oh man that sounds cute

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