Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the oscar nominations are in

So everyones kinda shocked by dreamgirls and yeah I am to but here's the good news. It's not that bad this year. ok yeah No Jack Nicholson nomination which I'm still like what. I know he has 3 but what the fuck he was really good and mark Walberg instead oh well. Whatever but I'll list the big ones I'm happiest about.

I'll start with best supporting actress
you've got two really great performances Jennifer Hudson and then Abigail Breslin. I really like both of them and this will be really tough. I rang up Abigal at my work with her mom and brother and they were really nice to me even when i have to ask for id with a credit card when i usually get shit they were really nice to me. Regardless she really did steal that movie but so did Jennifer Hudson this will be hard for me to decide who i like more.

the sound cateogries

what the fuck is pirates doing there. woopie shit it's loud wooooooooo. big deal there was this movie that allready did all that shit it was called Star WArs and yeah the sound was amazing but doing the same thing but not as intresting. Fuck Pirates that it got this is complete shit. INLAND EMPIRE every sound guy i talk to say INLAND EMPIRE is fucking amazing that it didn't get anything is retarded. any dreamgirls should have got a sound editing one.

costume design

i normally don't care that much. but i have seen all the episodes of sex and the city so. i want Patricia Fields to win. the costumes were really good so i think she has a shot. and the little i know about fashion is that she knows her shit.

best actor

I don't think will smiths performance was worth all the hype. Sasha Baron Cohen was alot better. Will Smith just did Will Smith nothing new.

best actress

helen mirren won it's over ok. that's it. meryl streep was good but yeah we all know. but this is Streep's 14th nomination jeez

best supporting actor

Eddie Murphy is probably the front runner espically with jack gone. I really liked Eddie Murphy in it so i hope he does.

Best Director

Martin Scorsese come on just give it to him. seriously liek come on the dude from babel thats this years crash. (by the way crash sucked)

Best animated film

well this year had like nothing around but where is flushed away. Also fuck monster house. that shouldn't be in there

but yeah pretty good this year over all and stuff. the nominations list on so many site it's pointless for me to post it


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