Saturday, January 20, 2007


So I have been slacking on seeing all the movies i wanna see for the best of 2006 movie list but i do hvae the music list. I'll break it up in to both singles and albums for you. Singles first albums tomoroow


10. Go home productions - Juicebox rock

I've been a fan of Go home for a while and he's defently the king of the mash up. from combining u2's new years day and whitney houstons "i wanna dance with somebody" TO this track combining the strokes song that came out this year that I don't rmemeber the name of and the munsters theme song and some other song. point is it's not just fucking good cause of all the samples it's fucking good cause it's well produced put together track

9. Shakria FT. wycelf - hips don't lie

just honestly a good pop song. Ireally enjoy it and catchy as all hell. Also most likely something i had no intrest in until i heard it.

8. Rihana - S.O.S.

Name me a better pop song I doubt you can. Rihana nails it and actually made me like a song that would sample tainted love.

7. Outkast - morris brown

Ok i know everybody didn't like this but i sure as fuck did. the drum mix sounded horriable on my tv but on my headphone sit sounded great. Espically supriseing is that it doesn't feature andree at all. But sleepy brown and big boi was all it needed.

6. Justin Timberlake Ft. TI - My Love

No beat this year made me go what the fuck was that more then when i first hear this. if you have a subwuffer turn that shiot up the bass is crazy as well. And Justin sings with cockness and reminds of you of why you started listening to him in the first place. Ti's rhymes are excellent but it all come down to timbaland who really with out a doubt is on a completely different level then the rest of hip hop

5. Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - promiscus

The drums are so loud but so good it makes this song so much more then it is. This is a simple pop song. At least the way it's written but the production thanks to timbaland was fucking nuts. like thos werid keyboard tone sin the chrous crazy baby.
also they chemistry was so good you'd think they were dating

4.Lupe Fiasco - kick push

Lupe is certainly the best rapper aroudn and this soung nails it. with what sounds like an orchestra as the beat while he raps about a skate board kid who eventually falls in love it makes you miss the days when new york hip hop came back. even though i think he's from chicago or something

3. Gnarls Barkely - crazy

even though there album was inconsistant and really this is there best song. But hey it's still good.Cee-lo sings the shit out of this song and danger mouse produces the hell out of this. but took a break with the rest of the album

2. T.I. - what you know

when this song starts and you hear two different keyboards playing a low tone sand high tone swhile bleeding into each other. it's all ready good. then ti starts rapping. He doesn't bragg about shit he's an obsever and an all around nice guy. it's both catchy and beauitful. T.I. wanted this album to be huge and this single set everything just righ

1. Justin Timberlake - sexyback

if you don't like this I'm sorry but really name a better song this year. you can't and when your at your daughers wedding like 30 years from now and you dance to this song and know all the word remmeber this post. This song makes you wanna dance right along JJ Timers while he acts cockeyier then well anybody. with distorion mic in a dance song that got played on mainstream radio this song is simply awesome and Timbaland and Justin did the best job of anybody. Everybody knows this song and there's a reason for it. it's fucking good.


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