Friday, December 29, 2006

Jay-z's kingdom come not his best but not his worst

Since i began listening to Jay-z I've come to understand that he has classics like resoniable doubt, the blueprint. but then most of the time he has a couple of good songs and the rest you skip. which works out well for me cause i have an ipod and can make a playlist without all the bullshit.
The worst part defently show me what u got. it really just doesn't work and doesn't really flow with the rest of the album. also 30 something. which all though is produced by Dr. Dre is such a paint by numbers Dr.Dre song I swear 50 cent has allready done it. Then Minority Report with Neyo is kinda lame too.
oh yeah and where the fuck is the Timbaland song when i was told about a new jay-z album i heard Timbaland had said he was gonna work on this what the fuck is with that. I saw jay-z and Timbaland work on something on timbaland's diary on mtv. i guess it goes on timbaland's album.
Now the good parts. everything else is good but here's the best parts. Do you wanna Ride makes you wonder what jay-z was doing with r.kelly in the first place and how well him and John legend sound together with a kanye west best. John Legend sings his chrous part with the sincerity that makes other rn b singers look silly.
Anything is probably the craziest collbration just on paper. with guests Pharell and Usher. But it actually works. it's really crazy with some jamican steel drums and voice sampling the first time i was a little over whemled by it espically the chrous with both Pharrell and Usher singing.
Trouble a Dr. Dre produced track is his best on the whole album with a harsh best that is kinda scary
Then the big big suprise is the chirs martin and some other guy i assume is in coldplay do the albums final song Beachchair. that is so different from everything else in rap right now. It's defently the best song on the whole album and it's fucking bonkers how crazy good it is.
The star of this album really idn't Jay-z it's Dr.Dre who mixed the entry album. And the mix is the best mix I've heard in a long time espically for a rap album. it's a deep mix that gives all the beats a feel that is beautiful. in fact if you're into listening to a record for the mix alone this is an album for you.
Also a bonus is hearing what would happen if Dr. Dre mixed a neptunes song and kanye west and just blaze. they all sound different because of it and in way that works so well that they should just have him do everything.
But remember Dre is the guy who brought the ganagsta rap sound to top 40.
oooooo yeah but no timbaland song mixed by Dr. Dre good job guys i really needed show me what you got. jeez what the fuck

oh yeah and beyonce did a song with him or something


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man I only had to read a few lines to know you don't know shit about hip hop and have this blog only to rant and feel like somebody...yeah you saw the clip of Jay Z and Timbaland on MTV...if you knew the history you'd know the song in question was 'Dirt Off Ya Shoulder's' on the Black Album..continue ya critic only after you've done some research..pz

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