Saturday, December 23, 2006


so if you know me your probably what took you so fucking long to write this one. I saw it on wendesday. Probably one of the best musicals I've seen in a while. I liked defently more the chicago. In fact the directing and music was alot more fun the chicago too. Anyway yeah really awesome.
I guess alot of people thought this was Beyonce's movie well then you most likely havn't seen it. Cause frankly Jennifer Hudson owns Dreamgirls. When she wasn't on screen I wanted her back. She knows how to act and not just like have presence (which she has a shit load of) but what she'll do with a look or her hands or anything. she is her character. the scene that without a doubt is her big holy fuck scene is when she does And I am telling you I'm not going. She is so good when i hear that song i get chills. I can't wait to see what she does next.
Eddie Murphy is also probably the best he's been since um a well ok remember when he was really good. no not nutty professor. trading places and stuff. Yeah he makes up for it here.
Beyonce is really good and is a prefect pick for the part. This is without a doubt her best part. I don't question that at all but I feel like she could have done better. When you have Jennifer Hudson right next to her and Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx owning everything I didn't feel she was up to them but maybe she'll get that level eventually.
The bottom line with this film is it's a big studio hollywood musical. It's not an art movie. It's a mainstream movie. It does it's job very very well as a mainstream movie probably the best of the year. not saying the best movie though.

Also can you read into the fact that Beyonce plays a character who winds up in a controling relationship with a man who started his own record label. cough Jay-z cough.

not saying it's true just saying it works really well


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