Sunday, December 31, 2006

When is my best films of the year list coming

ok so unlike real film critics I have to pay and see all the movies I need to see to make this list making it alot harder for me see towards the end of the year but i think this will happen soon here are the list of stuff i need to see but havn't.

Children of men
Pan labrithyh
the good german
Inland Empire (this is the movie I've heard is fucking crazy good and i am really excited )
United 93
The Proposition
Casino Royale
Blood Diamond

well maybe not all but most I think blood diamound isn't as important but whatever. i also made another list of movies i just don't wanna see. but every seems to like and why

the clint eastwood war movies - ok I know there supposed to be good but I'm really sick about seeing really long war movies about the war and hearing how great they are. I'mn sure i'll get around to it.

Babel - someone told me this is this years crash if that's so then i'll wait on this one

little children - i don't think it's playing anywhere so this is more cause i won't be able to.

the queen - heard it was like a tv movie but i might see it i don't knwo not that intrested

but yeah it will come out soon.

also this is really coo and i havn't watch it but charlie rose did an interview with
Guillermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. all together and in the same room. pretty coo Charlie rose can do some good film interviews but anyway aint it cool news has it up RIGHT HERE

it's long and if you watch you tube it'll work.


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