Friday, January 26, 2007

KOOL AID POST: misplaced anger

Jim here, I used to say every week I let my friend Kool-Aid write a post on this blog for me but this time i'll just say every once in a while regardless i like this post anyway here's KOOL-AID

More tales from the drunken governor:

Misplaced anger my hairless fat ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day I was at the food store and a lady rammed me with her cart. She then stopped talking on her phone and shrieked watch where you are going! I replied fuck off and walked away. She then tried to have me kicked out, but the grocer who saw the whole thing said it was her fault and that was the end.

I don't understand why no one takes the blame when things are their fault anymore. Where I live if you and a car are coming down the road from opposite sides the car with room to pull over is supposed to, yet when ever I am the car with no room to pull over the jackass in the suv plows threw and gives me a look, sometimes yells at me like I was supposed to hover over the parked car next to me.

Ill be the first to admit I yell at inanimate objects all the time, but I know the reason I stubbed my toe is because I wasnt looking where I was going. My dad asked me why Im so angry at idiots, and that my anger might be misplaced. The fallowing example is from earlier this morning and is a shining pile of truth of why my anger isnt misplaced, just my fist.

So I had to call my health insurance company to straiten out why they wont pay for the things that they should pay for. I get the computerized operator and I deal with that aggression. Apparently my birthday does not exist. I finally get a message saying all operators are busy and I should wait. No problem there. They play muzak and in between songs they give good health messages. One being misplaced anger can lead to stress, panic attacks and other health ailments. And it accrued to me. My anger isn’t misplaced its right where it needs to be, ON YOU!!!!


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