Wednesday, January 24, 2007

read this and tell me you don't wanna see this movie

one of my friends at my now former job (yeah i have a better job so this blog gets updated alot more) bought this movie called maxium overdrive. it stars emilo estevez who no matter what those dumb ass's who liked bobby for whatever reason think sucks. It also has a score by AC/DC and is directed by stephen king. now the description from netflicks.

"When a mysterious comet passes close to Earth, machines everywhere suddenly take on murderous minds of their own in this film directed by horror mastermind Stephen King. Soon, video games, cash machines, drawbridges and steamrollers all go on a global psychotic killing spree. But when the Dixie Boy Truck Stop is held hostage by a mob of homicidal 18-wheelers, human vengeance goes into overdrive. Who will survive the final showdown?"

this is sounds like a perfect movie to watch and get drunk with your friends. it also won worst actor and director at the razzies. unforently netflicks says it's unavailble boo but i get to save it so maybe one day


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