Monday, February 05, 2007

From 1963 with love

my dad told me when he was a kid his parents wouldn't let him see any James Bond movies when he was a kid. and I never understoodwhy cause Dr. No isn't really that bad but yesterday I saw From Russia with love. man there's like this fight between two girls with little cloths on. and several other things that if i was a parent in 1963 I wouldn't be thrilled about my kid seeing either so i get it now.

fun facts about From Russia with love from imdb

This was chosen as the second James Bond film after President John F. Kennedy listed the book among his top ten favorite novels of all time. This list was published in Time Magazine.

According to the book "Death of a President" (1964) by William Raymond Manchester, this was the last motion picture John F. Kennedy ever saw, on 20 November 1963, in the White House.

Final James Bond movie viewed by Ian Fleming.

First Bond film to end with the declaration "James Bond will return in ...",


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