Saturday, February 10, 2007

Is this the end for the senator

I normally don't write posts on the weekends but i think this is important.
The senator is one of the last of the old theaters. And recently it has been in some trouble apprently owing lots to 1st mariner bank. They need 90, 000 in two weeks or the senator goes on the auction block.
The senator has always been rescued at the last minute and frankely part of me thought that it would be this time as well. Until i saw a post from harry knowles on aint it cool news. I guess I understand now that yes it's for real and it could really go up for auction.
I don't know what will happen but i can tell you if you have the money to give even like 10 bucks just give it to the senator. Every little bit helps or just see a movie there tonight or sometime this weekend. Baltimore doesn't know how lucky it is to have such a wounderful theater and it's about to realise it if you guys don't step up. If you got money just do it seriously. if you live in baltimore i know you know where it is so just do it.

here's some links

The senator website where you can donate with pay pal even

Harry knowles article about the senator

also i want to write a post about my memories about the senator but i write most of these pretty qucikly and want to give a post like that the time it deserves so expect that this week.


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