Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Contract with god is gonna be renewed

before i start this post let me say that i have decided to read alot more. like actual books and stuff. all though this is a about a graphic novel. I do want to read actual books so if you people that read this have any suggestions. leave me a comment. by the way i will not read stuff by tom clancey or john grisham or dan brown. so don't bother.

anyway so Contract with god or the trilogy is broken down in to three books. The first is a collection of short stories and is by far the best one. The opening story is defently both the best written and illustrated of the whole trilogy. the story about a rabbi who's adopted daughter dies at a very young age. is written and drawn with alot of passion. The intresting thing about the story is that it was inspirted by the death of his own daughter 7 years before this came out of lukiema. the shocking thing that came out of this revelation was that most people didn't even know he had a daughter.
I think regardless weather you read comics or not the first contract with god is very very good. In fact go to a barnes and noble read the first story and tell me you don't like it. Cause most likely you will.

Then the third part(note the second book is good ok i'm not saying it's not just i don't feel like writting about it) the third book is an intresting idea on how to tell a story. There is now central or main character. the character is a small street or area in the bronx the same one that all the books take place in. but we strat from when they are farms to current time. so characters die and change the area. and you see people come and go but the main idea is that area. It's a great idea and works really well. the flow of it is crazy. It's werid to go through a farm community to the crack infested bronx of the 80's. it's very dramatic the changes that happen and i guess you can say the same about america over that 100 years.
anyway you don't need to read comics to get you just need to know how to read. if you don't sorry about it that can't help you. i'm also curious how you read this if that's the case


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Notable American Women by Ben Marcus
What is the What by Dave Eggers

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