Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Louis Malle

most likely you don't know who Louis Malle is. I was the same way more then a week ago then I watched two films of his. kind of by acident in the past couple of days. I all ready had elevator to the gallows rented on netflicks. But i went to the library to rent a movie and I saw Atlantic City which always makes the best films of the 80's lists so i figured i gotta check it out. Releases later it was the same director.
There both very different but i can see that the same director made both. Elevator to the gallows is a film noir but even better a french film noir with a soundtrack by Miles Davis. Pretty fucking sweet huh. just that description i wanna buy the dvd. It's out by critirion and the tranfer is very very nice. The plot works like most noir but also has alot of character moments that you would see more in a french film then a american noir. I would put this high on a list of the best noir films. Also Miles Davis's score works so well you'll shit your pants. He takes the typical sad score that your used to and makes it mean so much more like you totally feel it. It makes the movie that much better.
Atlantic city is a drama made right at the beginging of the 80's. so the 70's film making style was still kinda there. It's very real in that 70's way. It also uses it's location in a great way probably better then how Hitchcock used locations but on the same par. What Louis Malle did is as the characters in the film are a transition in there lives so is Atlantic City. The city was taking down all the old buildings to make way for the new atlantic city we know today. I think this is a really smart great idea which actually screenwriter John Guare came up with.
I think if you havn't discovered Louis Malle then do so your missing out espically on the two films mention in this post. I have no clue the availbilty of these films at where you rent but there both on netflicks. Regardless there worth looking for.

also he did direct this movie i saw viva maria with Jeanne Moreau who Louis Malle is credited with making her a star and the insanly hot Brigitte Bardot. all though not really a good movie. frankly it was really odd. Brigitte Bardot looked hot and what other reason do you need to see a movie.


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