Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crusin in the A T L

almost 10 years ago in 1998 a film called Belly came out. Starring Nas, Dmx, and also T-Boz. It was directed by probably the best rap video director ever Hype Williams all though it was shot really really well. In fact probably deserved some sort of nomination but anyway the movie sucked. And with the exception of 8 mile and Boyz in the Hood. Most movies starring rappers suck. In fact the usually suck alot. In fact i can not stress enough how bad they suck they are usually so bad they just put them straight to video.
Well ATL defently actually can be compared to Belly. it's done by a rap music video director Chris Robinson. It stars T.I. and Big Boi and is shot really well. The suprise this movie is actually good. In fact T.I. is really good in it. I would love to see him do more roles he defently has a persense. The cinematogaphy is really good. it's the kind of cinematography that you see in a music video or commercial and go how come they can't make a movie like that.
But probably the most suprising and refreshing thing about ATL is it's quiet. Yeah there are party scene and music ques but when there hanging out on the porch or watching tv music doesn't play. it's the kind of quiet you normally see in films by terrence malick. ok maybe not that extreme but it is close. It's not made like a mainstream film.
I don't think the plot is very original or like groundbreaking but the way it's made is. It's not what a movie is about but how it goes about it and this film is defently the case. If you don't like rap i think you will still like it. That's just those guys day jobs. I wish actually more people would see this cause it is good.


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