Friday, February 16, 2007

movies that would had be coo if they had be made

I kinda thought about doing this a couple days ago. so it's more a list but it's basically films that never happened but the director or the studio wanted to.

This one i took from wikipedia buti think it would have be coo"In 2002, Morris was commissioned to make a short film for the 75th Academy Awards. He was hired based on his advertising resume, not his career as a director of feature-length documentaries. Those interviewed ranged from Laura Bush to Iggy Pop to Kenneth Arrow to Morris's 15 year old son Hamilton Morris . Morris was nominated for an Emmy for this short film. He considered editing this footage into a feature length film, focusing specifically on Donald Trump discussing Citizen Kane." i actually found the short and didn't see any part with trump discussing kane but he does talk about kong. anyway if your curious it is still good go HERE

Quentin Tarantino was the first director offered 8 mile but had to turn it down to work on kill bill.

David Lynch was offered Return of the jedi by George Lucas a huge fan of his work but Lynch turned it down.

Another David Lynch film he was offered Fast Times at Ridegemont high

This wikipedia gave to me about Kubrick's never made Napoleon film "he never filmed his much-researched biopic of Napoleon (Bonaparte) I of France, which was originally to star Jack Nicholson as Napoleon after Kubrick saw him in Easy Rider. Kubrick and Nicholson eventually worked together on The Shining. After years of preproduction, the movie was set aside indefinitely in favor of more economically feasible projects. As late as 1987, Kubrick stated that he had not given up on the project, mentioning that he had read almost 500 books on the historical figure. He was convinced that a film worthy of the subject had not yet appeared."

Speilberg orignally really wanted to do a james bond film but they wouldn't let him so he made Indiana Jones instead.

Another James Bond one Quentin Tarantion did pitch casion roayle and wanted to make it like the older bond films of the 60's with Pierce Brosnan in the lead. Brosnan really liked the idea and said he would do it. but the studio didn't like it and made the casion roayle that came out this year instead.

and now the last one from imdb " 'Anthony Burgess' originally sold the movie to Mick Jagger for $500 when he needed quick cash. Jagger intended to make it with The Rolling Stones as the droogs."

all right that's it i may do another one of these in the future but hey if you know of any that would be coo to share put it as a comment.


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