Thursday, March 08, 2007

The best 3 Fridays to go to the theater

I'll break it down to you like this

Friday March 23rd - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (eat pizza before maybe drink afterwards)

Friday April 6th - Grindhouse (drink before maybe bring beer in theater)

Friday April 13th - Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters ( just come messed up with beer)

unforently there not quite in a row but i guess i'll live. it would have been cooler but oh well. anyway. reasons to see them well having to ask that your probably dumb and i don't really want to be friends with you.

Ninja turtles
man i remember when my family would get like dominoes pizza for dinner ( we obviously did not know what good pizza was and i am embarressed to say dominoes but i was like 7) and would get super exicted saying turtle power and totally awesome and stuff then when the pizza was at the table i would bring all my turtle action figures with me. I think there are alot of kids around my age who have simliar experiences. we're all exicited. so just for the pure fun of all of the same people together enjoying it again should be an amazing experience in it self.

i really agree with everyone who says the multi plex doesn't know whats coming. people are hyped. it is everything a b movie should be. but actually watchable and delivering on the promises the real b movies never did. kurt russel in death proof is enough for a single movie same with planet terror but together with fake trailers directed by both tarantino, rodrigez and Eli Roth, Rob zombie, and shaun of the dead's Edgar Wright . it's just to good to pass up. every says how do we get people to keep coming to theater man this is fucking it right here

Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters
they have little to do with water there not teens and there not much of a force. but they are food so i guess the hunger part makes sense. If you don't know this show i think you should. it's hillarious. from the guys who made space ghost coast to coast. the trailer makes it look hillarious and frankly knowing the show it will be wounderful also all those fans together oh man watch out.

anyway if you need more help here's trailers

teenage mutant ninja turtles


Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters


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