Thursday, March 01, 2007

MTV is a little meanier then it used to be

I'm not sure how many of the people who read this blog watch mtv but this actually intresting if you do or don't. well at least in my opinion.
anyway so mtv has a show called total request live. I watched it the other day. Normally during a video there's a scroll showing an email from a fan about how much they love the band. well recently they still have that but then later they have an email either making fun of the band. or saying how there old albums was better or something. I'm suprised mtv would do this considering like 8 years ago they fired on air personality Matt Pinfeld for critizing what they played on a limp bizkit album. But on the other hand this is fun to watch someone make fun of beyonce during a show ment to promote her.
Regardless it's funny.

Also and this has nothing to do with the last post. i think last week was kurt cobains birthday and almost every site was like if he was still alive today what would he be doing. I don't honestly don't care and thats fucking werid. And how come people do that with him. personally i wounder about clark gable or maybe chaplin or something. But anyway yeah that's dumb


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