Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tv ratings

last nite i was watching tv and looking at the tv ratings thing and thinking. what use are you. like really. You have something that you basically have no control over whats on i mean you can change the channel but blocking it. i don't know how to do that shit do you. I mean i'm an audio visual techican or something. maybe i don't care enough i don't know. but even if you do block it your kids can do it at someone elses house.
Also aren't most tv ma shows on after like 9:30 pm. kids shouldn't be up that late anyway. it's kinda silly the whole thing.
With a movie they won't let the kids in. so it makes alot more sense. but with tv it's like oh hey this is rated tv14.
I don't think there should be ratings for tv cause there really is no use for them. but maybe there not for me so why should i care. there really for jerk parents. man i can see it parents saying you can't watch anything above tv14 or something.
and another thing how come it's tv14 like 13 is so much a immature age but 14 oh yeah that's the one. there is all ready a pg 13 it would work alot better for everybody. but i guess they don't wanna be mistaken for a usfull rating system


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