Tuesday, April 03, 2007

70's kong not so bad and Dective Story was awesome

Sorry for two movies at once but sometimes I watch more then one movie in a day and I feel like why write about only one sometimes

KING KONG (1976)

As a verison of king kong this movie is terrible. However as a 70's big budget event film it works. yeah it is cheesy but it never really takes it self seriously. I didn't really take this film seriously and it never wanted me to. It just wanted me to passively watch it while drinking a big soda and popcorn.
The ending is ridiculous and silly but whateva. The effects are amazingly corny and did not hold the test of time. And Kong is a guy wearing a suit most of the time. but it's better then most of the big budget films I've seen from Hollywood recently so if you wanna have fun yeah this will be fun. But don't expect anything. like really anything just go in like I did and expect a shit movie.

Back when more of the people making films also did theater this film fit in. This actually based on a play and most of the film takes place on the same set. It's really good and even deals with some heavy stuff for it's time. it really does but i don't wanna tell you cause it'll ruin it.
One problem I had and this might not be the films fault is that some of the dialogue in the beginning is a little cliched now. However I'm guessing when it came out it wasn't but when you get to the end it's worth it.
Kirk Douglas's Character reminds me alot of Pempleton from Homicide life on the street and whole feel of it is like homicide I wouldn't be shocked if the writers of homicide liked this movie alot.
Also it is directed by william wyler who directed Roman Holiday and Ben Hur.
Check it out


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