Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ashes and diamonds

i don't know very much about polish film making. Frankly when i heard the directors name i thought this was going to be a japanesse film. needless to say I was pretty clue less going in to this film. However it was a great suprise. Ashes and Diamonds is a classic piece of cinema that your missing out on.
The film takes place in Poland on the final day of world war two. It shows the effect the war has had over the time on these characters but also what it ment. After all that who really won. both lost alot of friends and by the end it all feels a little meaningless.
Ashes and Diamonds uses a lot of symbolism but in a way that can still let a story come across. which is usually the best kind of symbolish. I also think the strcuture is really good as well.
Sometimes films that you have never heard of just grab you and that was this for me. Historically it's an intresting film and from a film fan perpective it's an intresting film. frankly i don't know much bad about this film at all.
Also the acting is good too.

anyway most of the time that would be the end of the post but someone but the first like 6 minutes of the film on you tube and i figured judge for yourself. see the begining of a wounderful film. also this is availbe on dvd in a critrion collection dvd.


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